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working together

as a neurodivergent freelancer, I'm in a constant process of discovering the best environment for me to be comfortable and productive. below are some personal guidelines I use in my work life. these guidelines support my practice and protect me from burnout. these guidelines will change as I & my working methods change

I work 4 days a week

My work is based at home unless contracted abroad

When working from home, my working days are MONDAY / TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY

A full day is around 6 hours long 

I do not have set working hours: I work when I am awake, well, and full of beans​

I do not encourage anyone to work or reply to any emails/messages regarding work outside of their working hours

I'm learning to recognise the privilege I hold as a white, cis, able-bodied woman and am open and committed to learning how I can be a true ally to those who are still not treated equally in the UK & abroad

I work only with individuals and organisations who are actively anti-racist and committed to being so 

I work only in respectful and kind working processes 

I am most productive and comfortable when healthy, rested and working with people who respect these guidelines 

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